Angel in the Fire tells a story of a real boy of fifteen years of age, living in Griffinsburg, Virginia - enjoying life, loving school, loving his community and his family. All this came to an end in the month of May on a Thursday in 1966.

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This book tells that 15-year-old boy's extraordinary story. Angel in the Fire offers an inspiring tale of a tragic life, a near-death experience, and God's mercy and blessing.
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"I didn't know what a stroke was or what the word meant. My father lost the use of his right arm and his face on the right side had changed. I saw that my dad wasn't well. He couldn't work and he couldn't do the things he was used to doing. That bothered me a lot.

...My dad talked to me and said, 'Robert, I know this sounds bad, but Son, you have to leave school and help out at home' . . . I quit school, and went to work. I was 14 years old. It was hard for me to leave school. I liked school so much. But I knew that my dad needed me."
- Excerpt from Angel in the Fire
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